Package 1+1

Once you buy Package “1+1”, you receive all the presets available in “@TWISTFLIP” and “@BALUEVAMA” packages. It includes 10 favorite presets by Alexander Lygin and Maria Balueva that we use so often to edit our photos.

These presets will work just fine with any type of pictures: shot in in sunny, cloudy or snowy conditions, whether it is a city scene or nature etc.

“@BALUEVAMA” and “@TWISTFLIP” presets will turn each of your photo into an eye candy and will also make for a perfect base to your own unique edits!

Presets are applicable to RAW (CR2, ARE, NEF etc.) image file types and JPEG images as well.

You can choose a package to perform mobile or desktop photo editing right before you buy it, depending on your preferences and convenience.

Together with the “1+1” preset package you will receive a PDF file that will be of assistance to you while installing and working with our product. These setting instructions will help you make the best use of the presets and will take your photos to a new level.

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