Most frequently asked questions about Presets

What does preset mean?

Preset is a set of ready-made settings that makes it possible to edit photos fast and in an attractive way just in few clicks.

What program is required to use the presets?

So as to apply our presets you will need Adobe Lightroom Classic CC if you work on your PC and Lightroom CC Mobile if you edit photos using your smartphone.

How will I get the presets?

Just as you effect the payment, you will receive a letter on the indicated email with a pack of TWISET presets together with a PDF instruction.

What shall I do if I don’t get the presets after payment?

Then you should check the “junk mail” folder and in case it still doesn’t contain the letter – please, send us a message to support@twisetstudio.com or to Instagram Direct @twisetstudio.

Will I be able to use your presets if I have new/older version of Lightroom?

Sure, on TWISET.com we provide universally applicable presets to edit your photos.

Will I be able to apply the presets if I don’t shoot RAW photos?

Will I be able to apply the presets if I don’t shoot RAW photos? Yes, of course. Our presets work just as well with JPEG pictures. But still in order to get maximum efficiency while you work with colors and light, we suggest that you should work with RAW photos, just as we do it.

How should I apply the presets if I don’t use the PC?

You should pay attention to presets tagged “MOBILE” – they are specially designed to edit photos using smartphone.

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